71 "snowtop" Camper

Owner: Guy St. Clair, Santa Barbara, CA




71 Beetle

Owner: Amy & Rex Douglas, Atascadero, CA




71 Bug

Owner: Randy Tate, Lompoc, CA




71 Buggy

Owner: Jason Mitchell, Paso Robles, CA



71 Ghia

Owner: Robert and Erma Martin   Hometown: Paso Robles, CA

71 Bus

Owner: Cory Merino, Santa Maria, CA



71 Bus(es)

Owner: Todd Baskin, Arroyo Grande, CA     Club Feature Car Spring 2011

He has a FLEET!




71 Convertible Bug

Owners: Del and Marlene Ward, Nipomo, CA




71 Convertible Ghia

Owner: Kevin Phillips, Bakersfield CA
Near Johnsondale,  CA in the southern Sierras.




71 Ghia Coupe

Owner: Mark Calkins,  Mission Viejo, CA
1971 Karman Ghia Coupe all original, It was first purchased at Humphrey Volkswagen in Hayward Ca. I bought the car this summer at european collectables in Costa Mesa CA. The price was right so I pulled the trigger: 1584 cc, 60 bhp, 26.7 miles per gallon and Manual Transmission. We currently have a 2003 VW Eurovan Weekender my wifes surf ride and a 2003 Passat Wagen my son's college car. My VW's have taken us up and down the Western Coast surfing all of Ca and Northern Baja for the past 41 years.



71 Squareback

Owner: Greg & Shannon Oueilhe, Fresno, CA




71 Squareback

Owner: Ben Quesinberry,   Orcutt, CA




71 Super Bug

Owner: Jondee Bewarder, Los Osos

John Deere Green Super Bug




72 Beetle

Owner: Jamie Meraz, Santa Maria, CA




72 Bus

Owner:  Kevin Bibby, Lompoc, CA




72 Bus

Owner:Robert Sotelo, Mojave, CA




72 Convertible Beetle

Owner: Bill Long, Pismo Beach, CA




72 Super Beetle

Owners: Jim and Robin Este, Oxnard, CA




72 Super Beetle

Owners:Dan and Donna Cuvelier, Los Osos, CA

Original owners! Purchased new from Sun-West Volkwagen in Hollywood while students at UCLA.

Sports a new paint job and rebuilt motor.





72 Super Beetle

Owner: Dakota Dale, Los Alamos, CA




72 Westy

Owner: Peter & Jenna Duby,  Malibu Ca




72 Westy "Pops"

Summer 2010 Feature Car

Owner: Kerri Claussen, Ventura, CA




73 Bus

Owner: Ron Castadio, Morro Bay, CA



73 Fridolin

Owner: Jason Pollock, Saticoy, CA




73 Thing

Owner:  Robert Culwell, Santa Maria, CA





73 USA Bug

Owner: Leslie Armstrong, Oxnard, CA It started in the summer of 97 when I bought my first bug in Lompoc, Ca it was a ' 74 super beetle. My brother and I worked on it and got it running but I wanted a show bug and I knew that this bug was not of show quality!! 

Then in 2003 I got a job in Oxnard, Ca and decided this is it I am going to find someone that knows how to restore bugs. I had been collecting items for my bug since I bought it.


I looked in the Yellow pages and found the "Bugshakk" called and a gentleman called Blase McFadden answered and he said bring my bug in and he will take a look, this was in July 2003. I left it at his place so he could decide whether to do the work or not. He called about two weeks later and said he wanted to see me. When I arrived he told me that the rust was too much and that it wouldn't be worth restoring, but that he had a ' 73 super beetle body that would fit all my collected items. So we agreed and that began the long journey to the restoration of that body.


First the body was totally stripped of everything, then the floor pans were replaced, and the undercarriage was rust proofed. After everything was removed it was sent across the street to Jeff Roberson to have it painted. Jeff and I worked closely together so that I could convey exactly how I wanted it painted. Jeff sanded the bug to the metal primed it twice, painted it three times and then clear coated three times. It was Jeff’s and Blases idea to have a mural put on the gas tank, because I told them that I wanted this bug dedicated to Sept 11. They both knew an awesome airbrush artist named "Tramp". I gave him a call and we set up an appointment. Jeff had a metal cover made for the gas tank so that Tramp would have something to paint on. I designed what I wanted and I took it all over to "Tramp" and within 4 weeks he had done the most incredibly awesome picture I had ever seen, it truly brought tears to my eyes. After the paint on the bug had dried it went back to Blase to finish up (the paint job took three months). The time frame is now around Dec 2003.


I had, like I said, some stuff for the bug already like a whole new interior from "Sew Fine". I told them what I wanted and they perfectly designed it. Blase worked hard on my bug to make it as perfect as an old bug can get with after market products. He even went that extra step and painted my engine red and blue to match the car theme. The day of debarkation from the restoration asylum was the day before the "Bug Panic" in July 2004.

At the Bug Panic they had the most awesome bugs and I know that most bug shows prefer the really old bugs, so I knew I wasn't going to win, but it sure was great being there! Then on the Last weekend of July was the "VW Trend Dyno, Show and Shine" in Rancho Santa Margarita in Orange county. I won a trophy at that show, and it was the most exciting thing that could happen.


My goal is to go to as many shows as I can. I don't want people to forget Sept 11th and that is why I created this design. Everyone in America should return to that feeling of unity that we had on that day and in the weeks to follow. The problem with the U.S. is that we are such an instant society and move on too quickly. But I quess that is what makes us a great country because we don't dwell in the past and are able to get up, shake ourselves off and continue on. What happened on Sept 11th was truly a tradegy so please don't forget those who gave thier lives then and are still giving thier lives for freedom!!

God bless and thank you for letting me tell my story.

Leslie Armstrong


74 Baja

Owner: Jack Owen,   Santa Maria, CA




74 Beetle

Owner: Catherine Canelis,  San Luis Obispo, CA


74 Beetle w/ 2180cc Engine

Owner: Glenn Ring  Long Island, New York
See all the Specs Below!


General Info: 2 Door Sedan, Air Cooled, Rear Engine and Transaxle

Original Owner - Glenn Ring

Mileage - 472,000 miles

Production Date - February 25th, 1974

Delivery Date - March 15th, 1974

Purchased Date - April 10th, 1974

Model Number - 113 841

Chassis Number - 114 2 530 976

Engine Number - AH 372 431 (original engine)

Color Code: G9 G9 50

Exterior - African Red - code L31A, PPG Deltron DG Urethane

Interior - Black - code 50

Options - Rear Window Defroster (required in New York State)

Engine Specs: Type 1, 2180cc, horizontally-opposed 4 cyl, balanced

Builder - Art Thraen

Compression Ratio - 9.5:1 (92x82, 56cc head, .057" deck)

Case - Volkswagen, AS41 (German), dual releaf, 8mm studs, case saver inserts, deep #3 studs, tapped for full flow oil system, stress relieved, deburred, blue printed

Crankshaft - 4340 Forged Chromoly, 82mm, forged, counterweighted, balanced, nitrided, 8 dowel (11/32"), stress relieved, shot peened, wedge mated, Buick journals

Connecting Rods - CB Performance H Beam, 5.4", ARP 2000 bolts, magnafluxed, balanced, Clevite 77 rod bearings

Pistons/Cylinders - AA, 92mm, Thick Wall, forged pistons, balanced

Camshaft - Engle FK-8, 298° duration / .382" lift (.535" with rockers)

Heads - Steve Tims, Stage 2, 42x37.5, ported, polished, 56cc chambers

Valves - Stainless steel, 42mm intake, 37.5mm exhaust, tappered guides

Rocker Arms - CB Performance 1.4 ratio, forged, needle bearings, heavy duty studs

Valve Train - Manton dual springs, Manton 3/8" chromoly push rods, Chromoly retainers, Wizemann lifters w/ SLR treatment

Induction - 2 Weber 48 IDA dual throat carbs with Uni filters, 155 main, 65 idle, F11 emulsion tubes, 37mm vents

Carb Linkage - Gene Berg GB-453, fan mount linkage

Intake Manifold - Generic (tall), match ported, polished

Exhaust System - Gene Berg GB-933S 1-5/8" merged, GB-971A-2M dual muffler, Jet-Hot ceramic coated

Lubrication - Gene Berg GB-233A oil pump (26mm gears), Gene Berg full flow oil kit, Canton Mecca remote filter, Berg 1.5 quart deep sump, Type 1 cooler, steel braid teflon hose, Brad Penn 10W-30 Racing Oil

Cooling - Volkswagen, 1973 Type 181 dog house fan housing (no fresh air), Berg late model fan (welded + balanced), all OEM tin including the "Hoover Bit", flaps and thermostat.

Clutch / Disc - KEP, 200mm Stage I (1700 lb.) pressure plate (balanced), ACE "Copperhead" disc

Flywheel - VW, forged, 8 dowel (11/32"), 12.5 lb., forged gland nut, balanced, wedge mated

Pulley - Gene Berg GB-439 "Equalizer" billet steel pulley, 3.5 lb., balanced

Alternator - Bosch AL78X, heavy duty (custom wound to 85 amps)

Starter - IMI High Torque (534 ft-lbs.), Bosch relay directly wired to the battery

Ignition - Bosch 010 distributor, Bosch Blue Coil (German), Beru Silicone Copper Core wires and NGK BCP6ES spark plugs (indexed, spark plug gap .040")

Misc. - GB-207 breather box, Stainless Steel pushrod tubes, steel braid mechanical oil pressure line, battery quick disconnect, Crankshaft/flywheel/clutch/pulley/rods/pistons were dynamically balanced as a complete assembly


Transaxle Specs: Type 1, Gene Berg 5 Speed Manual, IRS

Builder - Gary Berg

Case - Volkswagen "Rhino" case, heavy duty side covers

Mounts - Gene Berg GB-642P heavy duty rear mounts and Gene Berg GB-643F front crossmember

Gear Ratios - Close ratio 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th, steel shift forks, hardened keys

1st - 3.78:1 (heavy duty)

2nd - 2.06:1 (stock)

3rd - 1.58:1 (welded hub)

4th - 1.21:1 (welded hub)

5th - 0.82:1 (welded hub)

Rev - 3.61:1

Differential - ZF, Limited Slip (LSD) with 4 spyder gears (11 tooth) (rebuilt by Bruce Tweddle)

Ring / Pinion - 3.875:1 ratio, 8 bolt, Gene Berg GB-660K-3875 (Klinkenberg)

Shifter - Gene Berg GB-5710 5 speed shifter w/ old style Berg "Finger Grip" handle, new shift rod bushing

Axles - Type 181 stub axles and C/V joints with Sway-A-Way Axles

Misc. - heavy duty cross shaft (welded), GBE Super Duty Pinion Bearing Retainer

Lubrication - Valvoline VV832 Gear Lube, 80-90W API GL-5 and MT-1 rated


Suspension Specs: IRS - Ball Joint / 4 Wheel Independent

Front Beam - VW (German), Gene Berg AVIS adjusters, Ghia spindles (adjustable, lowered 3")

Rear Trailing Arms - Sway-A-Way Adjustable Spring Plates

Antiroll Bars - Sway-A-Way 19mm front and 25mm rear, urethane mounts

Shocks Front - KYB GR2, low pressure gas, Opel GT (shorter for lowered beam)

Shocks Rear - KYB GR2, low pressure gas, stock length

Brakes Front - Volkswagen, Type 3 calipers (ATE) and Brembo rotors, Mintex pads, Aeroquip steel braid hose

Brakes Rear - Volkswagen, Ate drums, Mintex shoes

Wheels - Porsche/Pedrini, 914 Aluminum alloys 5.5x15

Tires - BF Goodrich g-Force Sport, 195/55VR-15 front and 205/60VR-15 rear

Misc. - M&H Racemaster 26x6x15 slicks mounted on Porsche/Fuchs 914 forged alloys 5.5x15



Seats - Recaro KR sport seats, recovered with Arvus fabric

Seat Belts - Schroth Rally, 4 point, TUV approved

Headlights - Cibie Z Beams with H4 90/135 watt bulbs, Bosch 30 amp relays

Gauges - 100 mph speedo, 8000 rpm tach, 100 psi oil pressure, oil temp and clock

Misc. - Berg Rear Engine Support Bar (Traction Bar), Berg Transmission middle cross member

Misc. - Hurst Roll Control (Line Lock)

Fire Ext. - Halotron I, class 10BC, DOT, USCG and FAA approved

Weight Reduction - Rear Seat removed, factory undercoating replaced with light weight undercoating



It's very fast in a straight line and handles the curves like a sports car.

It drives the boys in the pony cars crazy.

The only drawback is that its a bit noisy, but after all it was originally designed in the 1930's.

The best thing is whoever you meet, they either had a Bug or have a story to tell.

The kids think its very cool.



74 Bus

Owner: Scott Busby, Los Osos, CA





74 JEG Brazilian Prototype

Owner:  Frank Atkinson, Atasacadero, CA





74 Kombi DD

Owner: David Shawcross  Hometown:



74 Sun Bug

Owner:   Ley Wertz, Santa Barbara
Sun Bug Superbeetle, in the family since 1974.




74 Super Beetle

Owner: Ed Wilner,  Nipomo CA



74 Thing Type 181

Owner: Richard Copeland, Ventura, CA





75 Convertible Beetle

Owner: Quillen Foley, Newberry Park, CA




75 SP2

Owner: Vince Petrie, Arroyo Grande, CA

It's a 1975 VW SP2 made in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  One of approximately 10,000 made between 1972-1976.

All steel body with 1.7 Liter Type 3, dual carbs, pancake engine, swing-axle tranny and Type 1 front axle beam.

I bought it in 1993 in Mill Valley, CA.  It was very rusty and neglected.  Spent about 3 years on a body off amateur restoration.

I always planned to drive it regularly so didn't try to make it perfect.  It's a rare VW, but easy to maintain and a blast to drive.




78 Convertilble Beetle

Owner: Helen Miranda, Lompoc, CA




82 Puma

Owner:Vince Petrie, Arroyo Grande


1982 Puma GTC. It's a fiberglass body "kit car" made in Brazil.  The Puma evolved through several

body styles from the early '60's to the late '80's.  It was built on a shortened VW pan.  It was called a

kit car but was only sold fully assembled minus the engine and running gear.  So you could import it as a kit,

then install the engine/transaxle of your choice.

I've owned it since 2001.  It has a 1600cc type 1 engine with hydraulic valve lifters

and a shortened gear ratio for quicker acceleration.




Mexican Beetle

2002 Mexican Beetle

Owner: Rex Douglas, Atascadero, CA




Rock Hounds

Off Roading out by Pozo

Kyle and Quinton do some trailblazing Baja Style

Feature Cars Oct 2009