74 Baja

Owner: Jack Owen,   Santa Maria, CA




74 Beetle

Owner: Catherine Canelis,  San Luis Obispo, CA


74 Beetle w/ 2180cc Engine

Owner: Glenn Ring  Long Island, New York
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General Info: 2 Door Sedan, Air Cooled, Rear Engine and Transaxle

Original Owner - Glenn Ring

Mileage - 472,000 miles

Production Date - February 25th, 1974

Delivery Date - March 15th, 1974

Purchased Date - April 10th, 1974

Model Number - 113 841

Chassis Number - 114 2 530 976

Engine Number - AH 372 431 (original engine)

Color Code: G9 G9 50

Exterior - African Red - code L31A, PPG Deltron DG Urethane

Interior - Black - code 50

Options - Rear Window Defroster (required in New York State)

Engine Specs: Type 1, 2180cc, horizontally-opposed 4 cyl, balanced

Builder - Art Thraen

Compression Ratio - 9.5:1 (92x82, 56cc head, .057" deck)

Case - Volkswagen, AS41 (German), dual releaf, 8mm studs, case saver inserts, deep #3 studs, tapped for full flow oil system, stress relieved, deburred, blue printed

Crankshaft - 4340 Forged Chromoly, 82mm, forged, counterweighted, balanced, nitrided, 8 dowel (11/32"), stress relieved, shot peened, wedge mated, Buick journals

Connecting Rods - CB Performance H Beam, 5.4", ARP 2000 bolts, magnafluxed, balanced, Clevite 77 rod bearings

Pistons/Cylinders - AA, 92mm, Thick Wall, forged pistons, balanced

Camshaft - Engle FK-8, 298° duration / .382" lift (.535" with rockers)

Heads - Steve Tims, Stage 2, 42x37.5, ported, polished, 56cc chambers

Valves - Stainless steel, 42mm intake, 37.5mm exhaust, tappered guides

Rocker Arms - CB Performance 1.4 ratio, forged, needle bearings, heavy duty studs

Valve Train - Manton dual springs, Manton 3/8" chromoly push rods, Chromoly retainers, Wizemann lifters w/ SLR treatment

Induction - 2 Weber 48 IDA dual throat carbs with Uni filters, 155 main, 65 idle, F11 emulsion tubes, 37mm vents

Carb Linkage - Gene Berg GB-453, fan mount linkage

Intake Manifold - Generic (tall), match ported, polished

Exhaust System - Gene Berg GB-933S 1-5/8" merged, GB-971A-2M dual muffler, Jet-Hot ceramic coated

Lubrication - Gene Berg GB-233A oil pump (26mm gears), Gene Berg full flow oil kit, Canton Mecca remote filter, Berg 1.5 quart deep sump, Type 1 cooler, steel braid teflon hose, Brad Penn 10W-30 Racing Oil

Cooling - Volkswagen, 1973 Type 181 dog house fan housing (no fresh air), Berg late model fan (welded + balanced), all OEM tin including the "Hoover Bit", flaps and thermostat.

Clutch / Disc - KEP, 200mm Stage I (1700 lb.) pressure plate (balanced), ACE "Copperhead" disc

Flywheel - VW, forged, 8 dowel (11/32"), 12.5 lb., forged gland nut, balanced, wedge mated

Pulley - Gene Berg GB-439 "Equalizer" billet steel pulley, 3.5 lb., balanced

Alternator - Bosch AL78X, heavy duty (custom wound to 85 amps)

Starter - IMI High Torque (534 ft-lbs.), Bosch relay directly wired to the battery

Ignition - Bosch 010 distributor, Bosch Blue Coil (German), Beru Silicone Copper Core wires and NGK BCP6ES spark plugs (indexed, spark plug gap .040")

Misc. - GB-207 breather box, Stainless Steel pushrod tubes, steel braid mechanical oil pressure line, battery quick disconnect, Crankshaft/flywheel/clutch/pulley/rods/pistons were dynamically balanced as a complete assembly


Transaxle Specs: Type 1, Gene Berg 5 Speed Manual, IRS

Builder - Gary Berg

Case - Volkswagen "Rhino" case, heavy duty side covers

Mounts - Gene Berg GB-642P heavy duty rear mounts and Gene Berg GB-643F front crossmember

Gear Ratios - Close ratio 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th, steel shift forks, hardened keys

1st - 3.78:1 (heavy duty)

2nd - 2.06:1 (stock)

3rd - 1.58:1 (welded hub)

4th - 1.21:1 (welded hub)

5th - 0.82:1 (welded hub)

Rev - 3.61:1

Differential - ZF, Limited Slip (LSD) with 4 spyder gears (11 tooth) (rebuilt by Bruce Tweddle)

Ring / Pinion - 3.875:1 ratio, 8 bolt, Gene Berg GB-660K-3875 (Klinkenberg)

Shifter - Gene Berg GB-5710 5 speed shifter w/ old style Berg "Finger Grip" handle, new shift rod bushing

Axles - Type 181 stub axles and C/V joints with Sway-A-Way Axles

Misc. - heavy duty cross shaft (welded), GBE Super Duty Pinion Bearing Retainer

Lubrication - Valvoline VV832 Gear Lube, 80-90W API GL-5 and MT-1 rated


Suspension Specs: IRS - Ball Joint / 4 Wheel Independent

Front Beam - VW (German), Gene Berg AVIS adjusters, Ghia spindles (adjustable, lowered 3")

Rear Trailing Arms - Sway-A-Way Adjustable Spring Plates

Antiroll Bars - Sway-A-Way 19mm front and 25mm rear, urethane mounts

Shocks Front - KYB GR2, low pressure gas, Opel GT (shorter for lowered beam)

Shocks Rear - KYB GR2, low pressure gas, stock length

Brakes Front - Volkswagen, Type 3 calipers (ATE) and Brembo rotors, Mintex pads, Aeroquip steel braid hose

Brakes Rear - Volkswagen, Ate drums, Mintex shoes

Wheels - Porsche/Pedrini, 914 Aluminum alloys 5.5x15

Tires - BF Goodrich g-Force Sport, 195/55VR-15 front and 205/60VR-15 rear

Misc. - M&H Racemaster 26x6x15 slicks mounted on Porsche/Fuchs 914 forged alloys 5.5x15



Seats - Recaro KR sport seats, recovered with Arvus fabric

Seat Belts - Schroth Rally, 4 point, TUV approved

Headlights - Cibie Z Beams with H4 90/135 watt bulbs, Bosch 30 amp relays

Gauges - 100 mph speedo, 8000 rpm tach, 100 psi oil pressure, oil temp and clock

Misc. - Berg Rear Engine Support Bar (Traction Bar), Berg Transmission middle cross member

Misc. - Hurst Roll Control (Line Lock)

Fire Ext. - Halotron I, class 10BC, DOT, USCG and FAA approved

Weight Reduction - Rear Seat removed, factory undercoating replaced with light weight undercoating



It's very fast in a straight line and handles the curves like a sports car.

It drives the boys in the pony cars crazy.

The only drawback is that its a bit noisy, but after all it was originally designed in the 1930's.

The best thing is whoever you meet, they either had a Bug or have a story to tell.

The kids think its very cool.



74 Bus

Owner: Scott Busby, Los Osos, CA





74 JEG Brazilian Prototype

Owner:  Frank Atkinson, Atasacadero, CA





74 Kombi DD

Owner: David Shawcross  Hometown:



74 Sun Bug

Owner:   Ley Wertz, Santa Barbara
Sun Bug Superbeetle, in the family since 1974.




74 Super Beetle

Owner: Ed Wilner,  Nipomo CA



74 Thing Type 181

Owner: Richard Copeland, Ventura, CA





75 Convertible Beetle

Owner: Quillen Foley, Newberry Park, CA




75 SP2

Owner: Vince Petrie, Arroyo Grande, CA

It's a 1975 VW SP2 made in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  One of approximately 10,000 made between 1972-1976.

All steel body with 1.7 Liter Type 3, dual carbs, pancake engine, swing-axle tranny and Type 1 front axle beam.

I bought it in 1993 in Mill Valley, CA.  It was very rusty and neglected.  Spent about 3 years on a body off amateur restoration.

I always planned to drive it regularly so didn't try to make it perfect.  It's a rare VW, but easy to maintain and a blast to drive.




78 Convertilble Beetle

Owner: Helen Miranda, Lompoc, CA




82 Puma

Owner:Vince Petrie, Arroyo Grande


1982 Puma GTC. It's a fiberglass body "kit car" made in Brazil.  The Puma evolved through several

body styles from the early '60's to the late '80's.  It was built on a shortened VW pan.  It was called a

kit car but was only sold fully assembled minus the engine and running gear.  So you could import it as a kit,

then install the engine/transaxle of your choice.

I've owned it since 2001.  It has a 1600cc type 1 engine with hydraulic valve lifters

and a shortened gear ratio for quicker acceleration.




Mexican Beetle

2002 Mexican Beetle

Owner: Rex Douglas, Atascadero, CA




Rock Hounds

Off Roading out by Pozo

Kyle and Quinton do some trailblazing Baja Style

Feature Cars Oct 2009