64 Beetle

Owner: Robbie Weber, Templeton, CA




64 Beetle

Owner:  Don Helffenstein, Templeton, CA

Very early production (September 1963) 1964 113 still using early peanut front turn signal lamps. Bought by me in 1974 for my wife to use as a daily driver (we didn't want to put miles on the 65 111 Sedan "A") from the second owner who owned the car for about two weeks. This girl sold the car because she thought she had really hurt the car learning to drive a stick, and what she did was break the front trans-axle mount. The original owner lived just down the street from her so she introduced me to him. The original owner blew up the engine after it's first year and had Rivera VW ( Manhattan Beach Ca.) put in a factory re-manufactured engine from the Kassel plant in germany. The re-man engine is still in there. I painted the car in my driveway in 1979, and on 10/25/08 after 160,000 miles I burned all four exhaust valves going to Pismo Derelicts-I had barely enough compression to get home. This is the picture at Pismo that day; http://www.pismoderelicts.com/photogallery/new%20format%20843/images/p1090855.jpg. So a rebuild was in order and thanks to Matt Kinney I was able to get the needed stuff to get it back together. Since then I just drive it about once a month to Cider Creek bakery or Pismo Derelicts and sometimes to AACA events.






64 Beetle

Owner: Steve Frost, Grover Beach, CA




64 Ghia

Owner: Blake Williams, San Luis Obispo, CA





64 Beetle * cool rack

Owner: John Crowley, Santa Maria, CA




64 Cal Look Survivor

Owner: Rick Rojas, Santa Barbara, CA




64 Custom Vert

Owner: William Pitts, Taft, CA




64 Double Cab

Owner: Jim and Anna Martin, Bakersfield, CA





64 Ghia "Herman"

Owner: Damon Claussen, Ventura, CA




64 Notchback

Owner:  Eric Williams,Tehachapi, CA




64 OG Beetle

Owner: Kevin Bibby,  Lompoc, CA




64 Stock Beetle

Owner: Gary Beck, Loma Linda, CA


65 21 Window

Owner: Brian O'Kelly, Paso Robles, CA

65 Beetle

Owner:  Jason Chenoweth,  Pacific Grove, CA

65 21 Window

Owner:  Eric Lykens, Orcutt, CA




65 21 Window

Owner: Rowan Chase,  Los Osos, CA




65 Beetle

Owner: Sheena Lopez, Santa Barbara, CA




65 Beetle

Owner:  Justin & Samantha Neyenhuys   Hometown: Porterville, CA




65 Bug

Owner:  Richard Edie,  Nipomo, CA



65 Convertible Beetle

Owner: Micheal Kon, Santa Maria, CA





65 Notchback

Owner: Eric Farnsworth, Arroyo Grande, CA




65 Standard Beetle

Owner:  Don Helffenstein, Templeton, CA

Powered by a 36hp with fresh air heater boxes.




65 Sunroof Bug

Owner:  David Dawson, Santa Maria, CA




65 T34

Owner: Tom Reay, Los Osos, CA

award wining Sea Blue 1965 T34 electric sunroof M345

1966 Westy

Owner: Ted Moen, Hesperia, CA




66 21 Window

Owner: Javier Mariscal, Santa Maria, CA -  Feature Car Summer 2011






66 Beetle

Owner: Jonny Marshall, Frazier Park, CA



66 Bug

Owner:Tyler Horton, Grover Beach, CA





66 Bug

Owners:  Wayne and Antoinette Boyton,  Lompoc, CA

"Miss Under Re-Construction" 


66 Bus

Owner: Joe and Tammy Herz
Hometown:  Arroyo Grande



66 Resto Custom

Owner: Peter Lee    Santa Maria, CA






66 Standard Microbus

Owner: Tom Reay, Los Osos, CA




66 Sunroof Bug

Owner: Jeff Harshbarger, Nipomo, CA

Nice original Bug.  Sunroof, Ruby Red, Unmolested.  Upgraded to an H case 1500 SP, but still 6 volt.




67 (Slammed!) Bug

Owner:   Kevin Shay,  Lompoc, CA




67 Beetle

Owner: Dietrick Boost, SLO, CA




67 Bug (work in progress)

Owner:  Stephen Murray,  Westlake, CA

After many years in the garage, I started to do some work on my Black ‘67 Beetle.

I was involved in an accident in 1992, and the front clip will need to be replaced. Fortunately, I purchased all the parts I need years ago.

The car retains it’s original paint, and interior. It’s a bit worn, bit all there.  I had the car in high school and college (Cal Poly San Luis Obispo). 

I intend to get the new clip installed in the near future, and begin to make it road worthy. I’m not sure if I’ll do a “Complete Restoration” or just spot the Clip in.





67 Cal Look Beetle

Owner: Tim Sizemore, Atascadero, CA

1641 Cal Bug




67 Custom Bug

Owner: Juan Franco   Hometown: Santa Maria, CA




67 Dbl Cab doublugly


Owner: Brian O'Kelly, Paso Robles, CA




67 Double Cab

Owner: Javier Mariscal, Santa Maria, CA   -   Feature Car Summer 2011





67 Meyers Manx #102

Owner: Randy Monroe, Santa Maria, CA




67 Papa's SlugBug

Owner:  Dick Diaz   Hometown,  Filmore, CA

Here is my 1967 Bug my Grankids named "Papa's Slugbug"!  We live in beautiful Fillmore! I am in the process of getting it to where it is reliable enough to take it out of Ventura County on its own power! It was poorly restored before I bought it and I have been busy finishing up some of the unfinished work! It can never be truly stock, but I will get it close! Looking forward to attending the many events organized by the Central Coast Chapter and learning from other members!



67 Patina Beetle

Owner: Paul Rockwell, Paso Robles, CA

Looks like Pauls got some connections!




67 Bus

Owner: Barry Baker   Hometown:  Atascadero, CA