60 Beetle

Owner:  Kevin Hauber,  SLO, CA




60 Beetle Time Capsule

Owner: Darin   Paso Robles, CA

Very original family owned car from new.

48,000 miles




60 Bug

Owner: Larry Guittard, Atascadero, CA




60 Bug

Owner: Justin Shields, Lompoc, CA




60 Convertible Bug

Owner: Eddie Galvan, Redondo Beach, CA



61 Beetle

Owner: Carol Caldwell, Atascadero, CA



61 Double Cab

Owner: Eric Lykens,  Orcutt, CA

Feature Car 2007




61 Snowtop Bus

Owner: Patrick Scudder, San Luis Obispo, CA



62 "Bad Ass" Baja

Owner: Jerry Rex, Buena Park, CA




62 Beetle

Original Owner:Lis and Jim Herbertson   Santa Maria, CA

Feature Car Dec., 2009

This story starts in the motherland for VWs...as told by Jim.

I was stationed in Zweibrucken Germany with the USAF from Jan 60 to Jan 62.  This VW was purchased from the local VW dealer in

Dec. '61 as I was preparing to transfer to Japan with a leave at home in Jan '62. Purchase price as I remember was approx $1,150.

We were one a the first VW owners in Berkeley as my mother purchased her first one, a '56 that I learned to drive in.

She sent the money for the '62 and I had it shipped to Houston Texas as I was going to San Angelo for temporary duty before going to Japan.

I picked the car up and picked up my Mom in Stillwater OK where she was visiting my sister and we drove it home to Berkeley.

She drove it for 30 years before she passed away in 1992 and I have retained ownership since then.

At this time the car has approx 117,000 miles, pretty much all original except hub caps, bumpers and some other chrome trim.

The engine has never been overhauled, and it is still in the 6 volt configuration.  It has had new upholstery and head liner and has been

repainted twice with as close to the original color as could be had.  The interior has never been repainted.

I hope this sheds a lttle light on the history of a great little car.      Jim Herbertson



62 Bus

Owner: Eric   Los Osos, CA




62 Custom Bug

Owner: Bernie Rayner,  Santa Maria, CA



62 Resto Custom Vert Bug

Owner:  Tim Borges, Atascadero, CA






62 Westy

Owner: Frank Atkinson, Atascadero,CA



63 Beetle

Owner:  Kelly Lewis, Los Osos, CA



63 Beetle

Owner: Lauren Bueler   Bakersfield, CA




63 Beetle "Chuggy1"

Owner: Mike Feller, Ventura, CA   Club Member Feature Car Fall 2012

History of CHUGGY1

My pops and I bought this 1963 Type 1 together on March 22, 1992 on our way home from him picking me up from HS.  It was in the Albertson’s parking lot on Newport Avenue in Tustin, CA.  It was my first car.    Our plans were immediately ambitious; strip it down to bare metal, paint it a different color and clean up any reusable parts (looking back, I would have kept several items, including the original glove box and trunk liner, that were later discarded).

We decided to paint it Birch Green (L511) off of a 1963 Type 3 swatch and Arcona White (L539) not giving a care in the world to M-Codes.  Our plans to paint it ourselves though changed after stripping it down with aircraft paint remover and seeing some of the necessary body work that was outside of our minimal skill set…we ultimately had the single-stage paint and body work completed by Norm at Mesa West in Costa Mesa – turned out AWESOME.  Nothing mechanical or electrical was changed except the 12-volt conversion to facilitate a detachable face CD player that was located in the glove box and adverting having to cut the dash.  Personal plates reading CHUGGY1, completed the ensemble and I quickly gained the nickname CHUGGY by all of my peers.

I drove CHUGGY1 as my daily driver throughout the high school and college (class of ’00).  It was very reliable.  I never had any issues.  My dad and I would take it to two shows in particular in Orange County, the Classic and the Jamboree, never winning any award but to share our time together and our hobby.    Shortly after college, I got a job with a company car.  The need for CHUGGY1 was minimized…then I lost my dad.  I lost all passion for CHUGGY1 and never really drove him anymore.

Years later, just before moving from Northern CA down to Ventura in 2007, CHUGGY1 unexpectedly stopped running.  I tried to troubleshoot the problem with no avail.  I had CHUGGY1 towed and parked him at my mother-in-law’s house in Paso Robles for almost a year.  A guy stopped by after seeing him sit there a long while and left his card on him which my mother-in-law gave to me.  The guy’s name was “Brian” and he was wondering if I wanted to sell CHUGGY1 - running or not he didn’t care (later on I found out that he just wanted the Bandix II Sapphire AM radio).  After talking to this “Brian” character for an hour or so and him learning the history thus far of CHUGGY1, he literally talked himself out buying it from me and turned me on to a group of VW guys in Ventura.  A spark was rekindled.   I got excited again about CHUGGY1 and VWs.  I had someone help me get CHUGGY1 running again (simple distributor issue and solution).

Once CHUGGY1 was cleaned up and back on the road, I got involved with the West Coast Wolfpack in Ventura and the Central Coast Vintage VW Club out of Central California.  I started going to local shows, the Classic, Wine, Waves and Beyond, Meet in the Middle, etc., and getting my son, Shane, involved…taking him to the Refugio camping trip for the past three years and other events.  Now he is claiming CHUGGY1 as his own when he starts to drive in 12 years!


CHUGGY1 should still be ready for Shane as the engine was freshly rebuilt a year ago, an adjustable front beam and wide-five front disc brakes installed 6/12 (should have done that upgrade YEARS AGO) by




63 Custom Ragtop

Owner: Jim Lane, Santa Maria, CA



63 Double Cab

Owner: Kaniela Keuma,  Santa Maria, CA



63 Notchback

Owner:  William Pitts, Taft, CA