58 Bug

Owner:  Dianne and Christopher, Los Osos, CA



58 Bug

Owner:  Terry McKniight,Arroyo Grande

The Beetle is a 1958 Deluxe Sedan with its original 36 HP and splitcase trans. Build date 01-30-1958 The factory color is Agave Green L-240 with green/grey interior.



58 Euro Bug

Owner: Brian O'Kelly  Paso Robles, CA



58 Ragtop Beetle

Owner: Rachel and Kris Knott, Paso Robles, CA

Fall 2010 Feature Car 

Rachel and Kris have been long time supporters of our club.  Rachel was one of the reasons we have a club and

can surely be called a Co-Founder.   Kris has also always been there to help when we needed it.  Quite a few

of our past raffle cars have been "wrenched on" by Kris.


They recently picked up this beautiful 1958 Ragtop Beetle from Bend Oregon.  Actually, Rachel bought it while

Kris was on duty with the Coast Guard in the Persian Gulf.  After Kris made it home safe and seeing his family

was OK and doing well, what a nice surprise to have this little Beetle sitting in the garage.


It's painted a very cool vintage Dove Blue with a Tan Tweed interior.  It sports a 12V 1600 cc engine with a single carb

so it's really built for hitting the road.  This car looks great in person and you'll be able to see it at upcoming events.

Congratulations Rachel and Kris on a beautiful new car!!


1st Place -   Solvang 2010

Early Square - 1958-62



58 Ragtop Beetle

Owner: Guy St. Clair, Santa Barbara, CA



58/72 BugBus

Owner Builder:  Jon Milne, Atascadero

If the name is familiar it it because he painted our raffle car!

The car is pre PT Cruiser.


59 Krankenwagon

Owner: Eric Lykens, Nipomo, CA


59 Bug

Owner: Miranda Lykens, Nipomo,CA




59 15 Window Bus

Owner: Damon Claussen, Ventura, CA

Summer 2010 Feature Car




59 23 Window Bus

Owner: Mark Olague, Palmdale, CA



59 Beetle

Owner: Kyle Coffman, Templeton, CA


59 Custom Bug

Owner: Dave Flores, Santa Barbara, CA



59 Single Cab

Owner: Damon Claussen, Ventura, CA

Summer 2010 Feature Car



59 Single Cab and Austerman Caravan

Owner: Salvatore Scolare, Paso Robles, CA