42 Kal-Kubelwagon

1942 Kubelwagon

Eric Meyer, San Luis Obispo, CA


49 Hebmueller

Owner:  Michael Russell, Santa Barbara, CA

Hebmuller # 14-0093


Okrasa Power Plant


50 Metal Split

Owners:  Jon & Pat Milne, Atascadero, CA



52 11C Sedan

Owner: Rob DeChaine, Paso Robles and Claremont, CA



52 Resto/Custom Bug

Owner:  Ken Jevec,Templeton, CA



52 Sunroof Bug

Owner:  Rick Spohn, Morgan Hill, CA

Golden Gate Chapter Rep., VVWCA



53 Oval

Owner:  Bob Sowersby, Irvine, CA



53 Zwitter

Owner: Darby Milnor,Lake in the Hills, IL

This is a 1953 Split Window prod date 1/2/1953 and is an original Max Hoffmann car sold thru his Satellite Store front in



It spent the 50's and early 60's in California and suffered a mild roll in

Wisconsin during a trip in the middle 60's.

The car was then placed in the basement of a Cheese factory where it

sat until the early 80's.  It was in good enough condition that all it needed was 2 driver side

fenders and the drip rail repaired.

It has never had the frame off as it was

covered by a very heavy coat of thick undercoating when new and was repainted

in it's original black color. The interior is a close match to original

Herringbone with tan headliner and square weave carpet all German wool

done by a old German Gentleman locally who used to do them in Wolfsburg. He

told us that he most likely had installed the interior when the car was new!

The motor is a vintagized 36hp and the split case transaxle has been

rebuilt.  After being sold in Chicago, traveling to California wrecked in

Wisconsin it is now back within 45 miles of where it was sold new.



54 Beetle

Owner: Eric Lykens,  Orcutt, CA



54 Rat Rod Beetle

Owner:  Lee Marzahl,  Oxnard, CA




54 RHD Aussie Oval

1954 RHD Beetle from Australia

Owner:  Tom & Heather Baxstresser, Atascadero, CA

Club Feature Car - Spring 2009



55 Bug

Owner: Jason Pollock, Saticoy, CA



55 Convertible

Owners: Pat & Jerry Kinnan -  VVWCA members in good standing!

55 Convertible - Green color - Car Nickname -- "Green Hornet"

Car Features -- Almost stock appearing to the non-purist

Mechanical/Cosmetic Changes -- Because we like to drive the car and live in the LA area (Manhattan Beach) I took out the original 1200 cc engine (Which I kept) and installed a 1600 cc dual port engine. One of the previous owners had already replaced the crash box transmission with a synchronized one.

When we purchased the car two years ago it was an older somewhat amateur restoration that needed some attention. I try to do as much of the basic maintenance and simple work myself and leave the difficulate/technical stuff to the pros. The new engine was done by Randy at Auto Meister here in Manhattan Beach and the new interior by Lenny, West Coast Classics Restoration in Fullerton.

I became interested in Volkswagens in the late 1950s early 1960s and have owned many (5-6) VWs over the years. I am one of the past presidents (1961-1962) of the now defunct "Volkswagen Owners Club of Los Angeles." I went in the US Navy in 1962 and was discharged in 1966 and I guess the club closed up during that time. When Pat and I met in 1968, I was driving a fastback VW which later was traded in on a VW Westy.

When I retired (Semi) from El Camino College in 2000 I wanted to have an older "play" car and I had never owned a VW convertible but Pat had before I meet her, it was decided to try and find and older convertible. I did not want to spend all my retirement restoring a car but rather enjoying driving it so we started looking and found the Green Hornet in Oakland, CA.

The story told by the previous owner about the car was --- "He was living in Denver at the time and went to a local VW dealer for parts for another car and the dealership was cleaning out some old items after the death of the dealership owner and this car had been kept as a restoration project for the mechanics to work on when things were slow with customers cars. The car was to go to a grandson but when the grandson was able to drive he did not want 36 HP but rather 336 HP, so the car sat around until the grandfather died and his son took over the business and decided to clean out the old stuff" and the person we purchased the car from purchased it? Makes for an interesting story -- but how accurate it is I do not know.

Webmasters note: Pat and Jerry can be seen driving their bug at many of Southern Californias VW events.  They just

took 3rd place at the VW Classic 2003.  Congratulations Pat and Jerry! Next time you see the

"Green Hornet" stop by and say Hi.



55 Gert Gehlaar Story

My VW Affair

You have heard about people having something in their blood.  Well I was born with VW in my blood.  Emigrating from Germany in 1953, I guess I brought the VW illness with me.  So I have an excuse for I can blame my parents.

My first VW came into my life when I was living in Santa Barbara and in my senior year (1958) of High School.  I purchased a 1955 VW Sedan from VanWyk's VW.  It was a great little car (pic#1)

and I used it as my daily transportation, for work and play.  I belonged to the Los Vejeros Sports Car Club in Santa Barbara and we ran lots of slaloms and rallies.  It had all the special equipment put on it that was available at the time.  The most prized possession of the time for me was a Judson Supercharger.  This car also transported me for two years attending Santa Barbara City College and two years to Cal Poly at San Luis Obispo.  In 1963 I purchased a 1959 Porsche 356A(pic#2) and the VW was sold.

Two years later my world changed dramatically for I was drafted like most other graduates from college.

I made a decision and joined the Air Force so that I could use of my education and became a Data Automation Officer.  I could not have asked for a better assignment and off to Germany I went.  First I sold the Porsche because I was sure I would buy a new one there.  During my three-year tour in Germany and France I honed my job managing computer systems, interpreter for NATO, and buying cars.  My first vehicle was a 1964 Notchback in black with a sunroof.  This was to have been my interim vehicle until I found the right Porsche.  Well this never happened as I attended the Frankfurt Autoshow and fell in love with the Sunbeam Tiger(pic#4) (Ford powered by Carroll Shelby).

I also met my wife in Germany and she was driving a 1967 VW Fastback  so VWs came back into my life.   We shipped both cars back to the states upon our return.  Ending up in Florida we sold the 67 Fastback and purchased a 69 Squareback with A/C.  We then moved about every three years until we moved back to Lompoc in 1981 and I retired from the Air Force at Vandenberg in 1984.

Here is a list of some of the VWs we have owned:


55 VW Sedan, Judson Supercharged

59 Porsche 356A

61 Porsche 356B

61 VW Beetle*

62 Porsche 356B

64 VW Notchback

64 VW Double Cab*

64 Karmann Ghia, Judson Supercharged*16KGRACER

67 VW Fastback

67 VW 9psg Bus

68 Karmann Ghia

69 VW Squareback

69 Formula Vee, Zink C-4

71 Westy*

73 Beetle*

(* = VWs we still own)

During the years from 1970 and present time I also got involved in the antique car restoration business by restoring numerous Model T and A Fords.  Presently we still own a 1926 Model T Ford Roadster Pickup(pic#7), 1926 Model T Ford 2dr Sedan(pic#8), and a 1929 Model A Ford Sports Coupe(pic#9).

gewrt4 gert5 gert6

VWs came back into my life with a bang around 1994 when I purchased a 1961 Beetle(pic#10), which today is still my daily driver.


Very closely behind that purchase I found my 1971 Westy(pic#11) only 6 blocks from my house and purchased that.  Not being able to leave well enough alone while on a parts hunting trip at Randy's VW, I not only came away with the parts I needed but also an identical match to my 55 VW(pic#12) from my High School days.  It is now restored to the identical car including the Judson Supercharger.  Then I purchased a 1962 Porsche 356B(pic#13) - that was a real blast but someone wanted it more than I did and it was sold a year later.  Around this time I became interested to going back and doing some racing that I had done while living in Santa Barbara at the Airport.  A friend of mine introduced me to the Vintage Auto Racing Association and one trip to the track and I was hooked.

gert8  gert9gert10

I went to the VARAs driving school and did my rookie season racing my 1926 Model T Speedster(pic#14) in the Historic class.  I sure got the attention but I decided that it was just not fast enough and then another person wanted to purchase the car so I sold it and purchased a 1969 Zink C-4 Formula Vee(pic#15).

Now came the problem that I wanted to race while restoring the Formula Vee so I had to find another car and I wanted air-cooled and cheap.  A friend agreed to sell me his 64 Karmann Ghia racer(pic#16) because he was building up a Super Beetle(pic#17) for racing.  So my vintage racing became serious with the 64 Karmann Ghia racer in class GP1.  I have had so much fun with Karmann Ghia that I have won the class championship three years in a row.  After the completion of the Formula Vee, I raced it at several races and decided that I really like driving the Karmann Ghia better and sold the Formula Vee.


gert12 gert13

Well as you can see, I have a serious case of the vintage VW and antique car virus and my wife says that there is no known cure for it.  After 35 years of marriage, she still points out interesting cars - will she ever learn?

gert14 gert15 gert16 gert17

My cars are not show cars - they are made to be driven.  Have a great VW day - Gert Gehlhaar, VWracer #70


56 Oval Bug

Owner:  Hugh Williamson,  Atascadero, CA

Model:  Oval Window Bug

Year:    1956   Color:   Original color was a steel gray/blue.

Nickname: Little Red (by my daughters)

Mechanical/Cosmetic Changes:

Removed every handle, fixture and moving part before beginning the extensive body repair.  Body was repaired first (Jeff at Rainbow Paint and Marine in Paso Robles).  Once body was complete, replaced original motor with a 1973 dual port head motor.  Replaced original transmission with 1968 transaxle.   Revamped from 6-volt to 12-volt electrical system.  All re-usable chrome fittings were polished (by my daughters) and re-used.  Others were purchased.  In-dash CD player and rear speakers were added.  Upholstery and headliner work was completely replaced, along with replacement of all padding and backings (Skip's Upholstery in Atascadero).

Work done by Myself:

All clean-up and detailing, along with mechanical and electrical was done myself (with that occasional advice and tinkering help from friends who felt sorry for me).  I did all my parts searching either on the web, in catalogs, or searching through junkyards.   I'm just proud that I finished (it only took me four years!).

How I became Interested in VWs:

I've always had an interest in automobiles and mechanics.  When I was

a teenager I owned and restored a VW dune buggy.  They've always held an interest for me, but it wasn't until an older relative offered a beat-up and burnt up VW bug to me for the price of hauling it out of their garage that I had a renewed interest.  It had been in their Port Hueneme garage for 25-years and was filled to its roof with old papers and boxes (the bonus was the mummified cat we found in the engine compartment).   We trailered it and brought it home.  It was then I wondered what I had got myself into - it was a whole complicated world, yet very satisfying.

The most intriguing part of this remodel was to see the ingenuity of the product and the technology of the time.  We've come a long way in automobile engineering, but there's nothing like the simplicity of a bu

56 Ragtop Beetle

Owner: Brian O'Kelly, Paso Robles, CA

Restoration candidate. Documented original motor, very straight aprons, no rust, complete and a ragtop.

Scheduled for restoration 2011



56 Resto Cutom Bug

Owner:  Nick Tidy, Malibu, CA

Nick just had this bug shipped out from Arizona. He's looking forward to joining

up on some of our Central Coast activities.


56 Rometsch

Owner:  Eric Meyer, San Luis Obispo, CA



57 "36hp Challenge" Bus

Owner:  Matthew Kenny,  Paso Robles, CA  Feature Car Winter 2012

The Challenge:  Find out how fast your 36hp Volkswagen can go at the mecca for all land speed racers, the Bonneville Salt Flats of Utah. Drive your bug from a standing start and accelerate at full throttle over a full mile until it’s ultimate top speed is reached in a precision 132 ft. Speed Trap, and do it with the same street legal bug you drive every day.   http://saltflats.com/36_HP.html  http://burlyb.com

The following are some exerpts from Matthews entries in our forum documenting his trip to Bonneville 2011 in his very cool   Bus.

This was my first time out, and it was a real kick in the ass! I built a 57 panel bus with a stroker 36hp (1560cc) an wound up with a 68.3 mph top speed with a stock height RGB transmission bus. My record was bested by a single cab truck at 68.88mph that had a WW Okrasa kitted engine on a lowered chassis with no RGB boxes. It was very much fun and a good learning experience which was my main reason to go. The 36hp challenge is a very low dollar entry level class to run at Bonneville. It does not matter how fast you go down the salt, it still gives you the same adrenalin rush. Check out the bus on my site, I'll be adding another page to it in a couple days with some salt shots.  www.aircooledresearch.com/docs/articleno6.html

"I want to know the process of getting the bus in the back of the truck .... Ramps and winch system ???" Ramps, back it in. The road into the salt park is raised about three feet from the parking/camp area so your just back the truck up to the road and put out the ramps. Once everything is lined up, just back in and strap down. Same routine at the King's. The door of the bus opens just enough above the top of the truck bed to get out. The toy hauler had two motor cycles and a Manx buggy in the back. We went 60-65mph the whole way.

Roof Rack and Speed??

Biggest reason the roof rack was still on is that it is "growing " into the roof skin. It'll be a little bit of work to clean it off. I did have four caps, I had the back one off to air up the tire before my last two runs. The whole idea behind this trip was just to go and run, but with a totally unusual vehicle. I also wanted to prove the engine configuration that pushed the bus down the track (very simple no frills stroker anyone can build). My half mile speed was 63mph which I thought was very good from a standing start in a RGB bus. Now that I know the logistics on getting to Bonneville and what to expect when you get there,
I hope more of the Central coast crowd tries it. 


72mm stroke 912 crank, 83mm 40hp big bore pistons/cyls, stock heads (ported polished) and one of my special grind cams. It's a real grunt engine.

Congratulations to Matthew for having a great run at Bonneville and making us here on the Central Coast proud!


Now we need to get a few more racers out there next year!!  James???



57 Resto Custom

Club Feature Car - Spring 2013
Owner: Glenn Tomilloso, Santa Maria, CA 
This is my first VW. I have always wanted a lowered  VW Beetle since high school. Having been roommates with Ryan Siordia and his brother Mike for a couple of years, I wanted one even more. Ryan got me hooked on TheSamba.com, and after a couple of years looking around I found this 1957 Beetle. 

I've had it over a year now and added my own personal touches to the car. I've entered 10 car shows since. The 2 shows I'm most  proud of were Sovang Veteranentreffen 2012, and Hwy 1 Treffen 2012 in Oxnard. I won 1st in class 1953-1957 Beetle in Solvang, and 2nd in class 1949-1957 in Oxnard.
The color is Horizon Blue L331. Brand new 1641 motor built by Greg Tuttle in June 2012. Added original yellow CA license plates(registered), original Big "M" Motorola radio. I know I'm not done upgrading this car, "heck" I've already change out the stereo system twice.

Within a year, I've met a lot of cool people from our club and look forward to meeting more. I like our Starbucks and In and Out meets, especially our MITM bbq. I look forward to our future events. See you in June at Wine Waves and Beyond.


57 Single Cab "Old Heap"
Owner: Eric Lykens, Nipomo, CA 




58 Bug

Owner:  Dianne and Christopher, Los Osos, CA



58 Bug

Owner:  Terry McKniight,Arroyo Grande

The Beetle is a 1958 Deluxe Sedan with its original 36 HP and splitcase trans. Build date 01-30-1958 The factory color is Agave Green L-240 with green/grey interior.



58 Euro Bug

Owner: Brian O'Kelly  Paso Robles, CA



58 Ragtop Beetle

Owner: Rachel and Kris Knott, Paso Robles, CA

Fall 2010 Feature Car 

Rachel and Kris have been long time supporters of our club.  Rachel was one of the reasons we have a club and

can surely be called a Co-Founder.   Kris has also always been there to help when we needed it.  Quite a few

of our past raffle cars have been "wrenched on" by Kris.


They recently picked up this beautiful 1958 Ragtop Beetle from Bend Oregon.  Actually, Rachel bought it while

Kris was on duty with the Coast Guard in the Persian Gulf.  After Kris made it home safe and seeing his family

was OK and doing well, what a nice surprise to have this little Beetle sitting in the garage.


It's painted a very cool vintage Dove Blue with a Tan Tweed interior.  It sports a 12V 1600 cc engine with a single carb

so it's really built for hitting the road.  This car looks great in person and you'll be able to see it at upcoming events.

Congratulations Rachel and Kris on a beautiful new car!!


1st Place -   Solvang 2010

Early Square - 1958-62



58 Ragtop Beetle

Owner: Guy St. Clair, Santa Barbara, CA



58/72 BugBus

Owner Builder:  Jon Milne, Atascadero

If the name is familiar it it because he painted our raffle car!

The car is pre PT Cruiser.


59 Krankenwagon

Owner: Eric Lykens, Nipomo, CA


59 Bug

Owner: Miranda Lykens, Nipomo,CA




59 15 Window Bus

Owner: Damon Claussen, Ventura, CA

Summer 2010 Feature Car




59 23 Window Bus

Owner: Mark Olague, Palmdale, CA



59 Beetle

Owner: Kyle Coffman, Templeton, CA


59 Custom Bug

Owner: Dave Flores, Santa Barbara, CA



59 Single Cab

Owner: Damon Claussen, Ventura, CA

Summer 2010 Feature Car



59 Single Cab and Austerman Caravan

Owner: Salvatore Scolare, Paso Robles, CA



60 Beetle

Owner:  Kevin Hauber,  SLO, CA




60 Beetle Time Capsule

Owner: Darin   Paso Robles, CA

Very original family owned car from new.

48,000 miles




60 Bug

Owner: Larry Guittard, Atascadero, CA




60 Bug

Owner: Justin Shields, Lompoc, CA




60 Convertible Bug

Owner: Eddie Galvan, Redondo Beach, CA



61 Beetle

Owner: Carol Caldwell, Atascadero, CA



61 Double Cab

Owner: Eric Lykens,  Orcutt, CA

Feature Car 2007




61 Snowtop Bus

Owner: Patrick Scudder, San Luis Obispo, CA



62 "Bad Ass" Baja

Owner: Jerry Rex, Buena Park, CA




62 Beetle

Original Owner:Lis and Jim Herbertson   Santa Maria, CA

Feature Car Dec., 2009

This story starts in the motherland for VWs...as told by Jim.

I was stationed in Zweibrucken Germany with the USAF from Jan 60 to Jan 62.  This VW was purchased from the local VW dealer in

Dec. '61 as I was preparing to transfer to Japan with a leave at home in Jan '62. Purchase price as I remember was approx $1,150.

We were one a the first VW owners in Berkeley as my mother purchased her first one, a '56 that I learned to drive in.

She sent the money for the '62 and I had it shipped to Houston Texas as I was going to San Angelo for temporary duty before going to Japan.

I picked the car up and picked up my Mom in Stillwater OK where she was visiting my sister and we drove it home to Berkeley.

She drove it for 30 years before she passed away in 1992 and I have retained ownership since then.

At this time the car has approx 117,000 miles, pretty much all original except hub caps, bumpers and some other chrome trim.

The engine has never been overhauled, and it is still in the 6 volt configuration.  It has had new upholstery and head liner and has been

repainted twice with as close to the original color as could be had.  The interior has never been repainted.

I hope this sheds a lttle light on the history of a great little car.      Jim Herbertson



62 Bus

Owner: Eric   Los Osos, CA




62 Custom Bug

Owner: Bernie Rayner,  Santa Maria, CA



62 Resto Custom Vert Bug

Owner:  Tim Borges, Atascadero, CA






62 Westy

Owner: Frank Atkinson, Atascadero,CA



63 Beetle

Owner:  Kelly Lewis, Los Osos, CA



63 Beetle

Owner: Lauren Bueler   Bakersfield, CA




63 Beetle "Chuggy1"

Owner: Mike Feller, Ventura, CA   Club Member Feature Car Fall 2012

History of CHUGGY1

My pops and I bought this 1963 Type 1 together on March 22, 1992 on our way home from him picking me up from HS.  It was in the Albertson’s parking lot on Newport Avenue in Tustin, CA.  It was my first car.    Our plans were immediately ambitious; strip it down to bare metal, paint it a different color and clean up any reusable parts (looking back, I would have kept several items, including the original glove box and trunk liner, that were later discarded).

We decided to paint it Birch Green (L511) off of a 1963 Type 3 swatch and Arcona White (L539) not giving a care in the world to M-Codes.  Our plans to paint it ourselves though changed after stripping it down with aircraft paint remover and seeing some of the necessary body work that was outside of our minimal skill set…we ultimately had the single-stage paint and body work completed by Norm at Mesa West in Costa Mesa – turned out AWESOME.  Nothing mechanical or electrical was changed except the 12-volt conversion to facilitate a detachable face CD player that was located in the glove box and adverting having to cut the dash.  Personal plates reading CHUGGY1, completed the ensemble and I quickly gained the nickname CHUGGY by all of my peers.

I drove CHUGGY1 as my daily driver throughout the high school and college (class of ’00).  It was very reliable.  I never had any issues.  My dad and I would take it to two shows in particular in Orange County, the Classic and the Jamboree, never winning any award but to share our time together and our hobby.    Shortly after college, I got a job with a company car.  The need for CHUGGY1 was minimized…then I lost my dad.  I lost all passion for CHUGGY1 and never really drove him anymore.

Years later, just before moving from Northern CA down to Ventura in 2007, CHUGGY1 unexpectedly stopped running.  I tried to troubleshoot the problem with no avail.  I had CHUGGY1 towed and parked him at my mother-in-law’s house in Paso Robles for almost a year.  A guy stopped by after seeing him sit there a long while and left his card on him which my mother-in-law gave to me.  The guy’s name was “Brian” and he was wondering if I wanted to sell CHUGGY1 - running or not he didn’t care (later on I found out that he just wanted the Bandix II Sapphire AM radio).  After talking to this “Brian” character for an hour or so and him learning the history thus far of CHUGGY1, he literally talked himself out buying it from me and turned me on to a group of VW guys in Ventura.  A spark was rekindled.   I got excited again about CHUGGY1 and VWs.  I had someone help me get CHUGGY1 running again (simple distributor issue and solution).

Once CHUGGY1 was cleaned up and back on the road, I got involved with the West Coast Wolfpack in Ventura and the Central Coast Vintage VW Club out of Central California.  I started going to local shows, the Classic, Wine, Waves and Beyond, Meet in the Middle, etc., and getting my son, Shane, involved…taking him to the Refugio camping trip for the past three years and other events.  Now he is claiming CHUGGY1 as his own when he starts to drive in 12 years!


CHUGGY1 should still be ready for Shane as the engine was freshly rebuilt a year ago, an adjustable front beam and wide-five front disc brakes installed 6/12 (should have done that upgrade YEARS AGO) by




63 Custom Ragtop

Owner: Jim Lane, Santa Maria, CA



63 Double Cab

Owner: Kaniela Keuma,  Santa Maria, CA



63 Notchback

Owner:  William Pitts, Taft, CA

64 Beetle

Owner: Robbie Weber, Templeton, CA




64 Beetle

Owner:  Don Helffenstein, Templeton, CA

Very early production (September 1963) 1964 113 still using early peanut front turn signal lamps. Bought by me in 1974 for my wife to use as a daily driver (we didn't want to put miles on the 65 111 Sedan "A") from the second owner who owned the car for about two weeks. This girl sold the car because she thought she had really hurt the car learning to drive a stick, and what she did was break the front trans-axle mount. The original owner lived just down the street from her so she introduced me to him. The original owner blew up the engine after it's first year and had Rivera VW ( Manhattan Beach Ca.) put in a factory re-manufactured engine from the Kassel plant in germany. The re-man engine is still in there. I painted the car in my driveway in 1979, and on 10/25/08 after 160,000 miles I burned all four exhaust valves going to Pismo Derelicts-I had barely enough compression to get home. This is the picture at Pismo that day; http://www.pismoderelicts.com/photogallery/new%20format%20843/images/p1090855.jpg. So a rebuild was in order and thanks to Matt Kinney I was able to get the needed stuff to get it back together. Since then I just drive it about once a month to Cider Creek bakery or Pismo Derelicts and sometimes to AACA events.






64 Beetle

Owner: Steve Frost, Grover Beach, CA




64 Ghia

Owner: Blake Williams, San Luis Obispo, CA





64 Beetle * cool rack

Owner: John Crowley, Santa Maria, CA




64 Cal Look Survivor

Owner: Rick Rojas, Santa Barbara, CA




64 Custom Vert

Owner: William Pitts, Taft, CA




64 Double Cab

Owner: Jim and Anna Martin, Bakersfield, CA





64 Ghia "Herman"

Owner: Damon Claussen, Ventura, CA




64 Notchback

Owner:  Eric Williams,Tehachapi, CA




64 OG Beetle

Owner: Kevin Bibby,  Lompoc, CA




64 Stock Beetle

Owner: Gary Beck, Loma Linda, CA


65 21 Window

Owner: Brian O'Kelly, Paso Robles, CA

65 Beetle

Owner:  Jason Chenoweth,  Pacific Grove, CA

65 21 Window

Owner:  Eric Lykens, Orcutt, CA




65 21 Window

Owner: Rowan Chase,  Los Osos, CA




65 Beetle

Owner: Sheena Lopez, Santa Barbara, CA




65 Beetle

Owner:  Justin & Samantha Neyenhuys   Hometown: Porterville, CA




65 Bug

Owner:  Richard Edie,  Nipomo, CA



65 Convertible Beetle

Owner: Micheal Kon, Santa Maria, CA





65 Notchback

Owner: Eric Farnsworth, Arroyo Grande, CA




65 Standard Beetle

Owner:  Don Helffenstein, Templeton, CA

Powered by a 36hp with fresh air heater boxes.




65 Sunroof Bug

Owner:  David Dawson, Santa Maria, CA




65 T34

Owner: Tom Reay, Los Osos, CA

award wining Sea Blue 1965 T34 electric sunroof M345

1966 Westy

Owner: Ted Moen, Hesperia, CA




66 21 Window

Owner: Javier Mariscal, Santa Maria, CA -  Feature Car Summer 2011






66 Beetle

Owner: Jonny Marshall, Frazier Park, CA



66 Bug

Owner:Tyler Horton, Grover Beach, CA





66 Bug

Owners:  Wayne and Antoinette Boyton,  Lompoc, CA

"Miss Under Re-Construction" 


66 Bus

Owner: Joe and Tammy Herz
Hometown:  Arroyo Grande



66 Resto Custom

Owner: Peter Lee    Santa Maria, CA






66 Standard Microbus

Owner: Tom Reay, Los Osos, CA




66 Sunroof Bug

Owner: Jeff Harshbarger, Nipomo, CA

Nice original Bug.  Sunroof, Ruby Red, Unmolested.  Upgraded to an H case 1500 SP, but still 6 volt.




67 (Slammed!) Bug

Owner:   Kevin Shay,  Lompoc, CA




67 Beetle

Owner: Dietrick Boost, SLO, CA




67 Bug (work in progress)

Owner:  Stephen Murray,  Westlake, CA

After many years in the garage, I started to do some work on my Black ‘67 Beetle.

I was involved in an accident in 1992, and the front clip will need to be replaced. Fortunately, I purchased all the parts I need years ago.

The car retains it’s original paint, and interior. It’s a bit worn, bit all there.  I had the car in high school and college (Cal Poly San Luis Obispo). 

I intend to get the new clip installed in the near future, and begin to make it road worthy. I’m not sure if I’ll do a “Complete Restoration” or just spot the Clip in.





67 Cal Look Beetle

Owner: Tim Sizemore, Atascadero, CA

1641 Cal Bug




67 Custom Bug

Owner: Juan Franco   Hometown: Santa Maria, CA




67 Dbl Cab doublugly


Owner: Brian O'Kelly, Paso Robles, CA




67 Double Cab

Owner: Javier Mariscal, Santa Maria, CA   -   Feature Car Summer 2011





67 Meyers Manx #102

Owner: Randy Monroe, Santa Maria, CA




67 Papa's SlugBug

Owner:  Dick Diaz   Hometown,  Filmore, CA

Here is my 1967 Bug my Grankids named "Papa's Slugbug"!  We live in beautiful Fillmore! I am in the process of getting it to where it is reliable enough to take it out of Ventura County on its own power! It was poorly restored before I bought it and I have been busy finishing up some of the unfinished work! It can never be truly stock, but I will get it close! Looking forward to attending the many events organized by the Central Coast Chapter and learning from other members!



67 Patina Beetle

Owner: Paul Rockwell, Paso Robles, CA

Looks like Pauls got some connections!




67 Bus

Owner: Barry Baker   Hometown:  Atascadero, CA





68 Beetle

Owner: Sergio Ramirez, Lomoc, CA



68 Bus

Owner:  Miguel Flores, Shafter Ca




68 Cabriolet

Owner: Jim Bevan, Cambria, CA   Club Feature Car Fall 2011

I purchased the 1968 VW Cabriolet in 1991.  It was a desert car (I lived in Ridgecrest in the Mojave desert at the time).  It had a cheap red paint job, the top was shot (as was the bow that seals the top in front), and the interior was shot.  It had been souped up a bit--porshe distributor and rims, lowered front, race car steering wheel, dual trumpet pipes, etc.  It was mechanically pretty good so it was a fun car to drive and I used to drive it to work a lot, especially in the summer.  I had the engine rebuilt and replaced the carburator, distributor, and speedometer while in the desert.

I kept it as a retirement restoration project.  But when I retired, I flunked retirement.  I went back to work.  Unfortunately, the VW suffered in the coastal climate.  In the month I had it outside while I moved in, it picked up more rust than its entire life in the desert.  I did stop that process by garaging it and covering it. It was great to drive in Cambria but over time it slowly degraded and eventually I couldn't drive it.  About 3 years ago I found a guy here in town named Brad Jarvis.  He loves VWs and begged me to let him restore it.  My approach was to return it to stock/new condition.  Since I was still working, I agreed to pay him to be the lead/mechanical guy in a restoration.

It was not a frame off restoration but we did pull everything off!  We stripped out the interior, pulled the motor, totally pulled out the dash, and pulled off fenders, everything.  It was painted inside and out at Cambria Auto Restoration.  I had to replace one fender due to damage but that was it for the metal.  There were six coats of paint on it....the original tan, orange, blue, green, yellow, and finally red.  The restoration guys sand blasted it inside and out.  It turned out (unknown to me), it had been hit on the right side.  They redid all the damaged parts from that.  After painting, the restoration guys put the fenders etc. back together.  We replaced every piece of rubber.  Next we towed it back to Brad and he put the car back together.  That meant putting the engine in, putting all the windows and their mechanisms in, and redoing the dash.  The biggest problems were replacing the dash, replacing the broken drivers side window regulator, and replacing the steering wheel.

We had also restored and repainted the hardware for the top, ordered a new top, and ordered all the wood pieces (very expensive).  We then drove the vehicle to Mike Wray in Cayucos.  He has a home shop and is well known for his fabulous interior work.  He agreed to do the VW. In the only significant move from stock, I couldn't bear to put in rubber mats and vinyl seats etc.   It has a canvas top and very nice seats and carpet.

With all the work I have done since I bought the bug, I have about the same costs as a new car.  Since I view it as my around town car, it was like buying a new, American made car!   It is great to drive it around town!




68 Cal Looker Bug

Owner: Randy Tate, Lompoc, CA




68 Custom

Owner: Sal de la Cruz    Hometown: Fresno, CA



68 Custom Double Cab

Owner: Bruce Lomath, Atascadero, CA








68 T34 Elec. Sunroof - Auto Trans

Owner: Tom Reay, Los Ososo, CA

1968 Type 34 electric sunroof automatic  M345
One of Seven known to exist.




69 Bug

Owner:  David Culver  Hometown:  Orcutt, CA



69 Convertible Bug

Owner: Jeff Hamp, Pismo Beach, CA




69 Fastback

Owner: Matthew Guerrero, Oceano, CA




69 Ghia

Owner: Eloy Huitron, So Cal




69 Karmann Ghia Convertible

Owner: John Childers, Paso Robles, CA



69 Squareback

Summer 2010 Feature Car

Owner: Kerri Claussen, Ventura, CA



69 Westy

Owner: John Pasquini, Grover Beach, CA



69 Westy

"Blue Betty"
Owner: Todd Lazar    Hometown, Arroyo Grande, CA


70 Beetle

Owner:  Kathy Patty, LeMoore Ca


Engine Joe




70 Beetle

Owner: Jerry Shay, Santa Clarita, CA




70 Camper

Owner: Jason Lyga, Oceano, CA



70 Convertible Bug

Owner: Matthew Mariscal, Santa Maria, CA  -   Feature Car Summer 2011



70 Drag Bug

Owner: James "lord of speed" Arredondo

Paso Robles, CA



70 Ghia

 Owner: Chris Thompson,  Santa Barbara, CA



70 HouseKamper

Owner:  Matt McLaughlin, Santa Barbara, CA



70 Safari Bus

Owner: Adam Graves.  San Luis Obispo, Ca